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Directed Introduces the First Rechargeable 2-Way Long-Range Transmitter

~ Another First From Directed ~

Vista, CA, January 4, 2017 – Directed, a leader in aftermarket connected car solutions, today unveiled its newest innovation with the new rechargeable 2-way long-range LED remotes in the Viper, Clifford, Python, and Automate brands.

Directed was able to incorporate rechargeable lithium ion technology into their new remotes without sacrificing the industry-leading range and performance they are known for. Still the thinnest 2-way long-range LED remotes available, these remotes feature audio/visual low-power alerts, and offer the same modern design, lightweight feel, and durability as previous models.

“Consumers will love the fact that there are no more batteries to buy and replace,” said James Turner, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Directed. “These new remotes use any standard micro-usb charging cable, and are fully charged in less than an hour, with a full charge lasting more than six months.”

The new rechargeable remote transmitters are available in the following part numbers:

  • 7857V Viper Rechargeable 2-Way 5-Button LED Remote
  • 7857X Clifford Rechargeable 2-Way 5-Button LED Remote
  • 7857P Python Rechargeable 2-Way 5-Button LED Remote
  • 7857A Automate Rechargeable 2-Way 5-Button LED Remote
About Directed

Directed, recipient of hundreds of technology patents and awards, is a world leader in automotive electronics. Its products protect and remotely start more vehicles than anyone else on the planet. The Viper brand created the connected car category with the launch of Viper SmartStart in 2009 – the app that lets you start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

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